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We apply the following six key steps toward any outsourcing initiative:
Process Selection –Identifying and prioritizing the processes to be outsourced.
IndianIncorp has a unique process selection tool that has been highly beneficial to organizations that want to outsource business processes. Use of this tool allows for:

Transparency in selecting the process
Selection of processes that will result in the success of the offshoring initiative
Identifying processes that are not yet ready for remote processing

In addition, a "Process Prioritization Matrix" is charted. This evaluates the "as is" health of the process in the context of:


Each of the above processes is assessed and evaluated in detail by our domain experts on a scale of high, medium and low, which is then translated into objective scores. The overall score represents the "As Is" health of the process from an offshoring perspective and indicates the feasibility of offshoring the respective process

bullet Transition – Managing the seamless movement of the process to the offshore environment and its integration into existing business operations

Transition has been a key differentiator in all processes outsourced to IndianIncorp and clients consistently marvel at our attention to detail and ability to quickly ramp up projects with little or no concerns. To do so, we deploy a proprietary tool called FACTS that is used from the inception of a project to its service delivery

Assess the facts and knowledge at hand
Customize the solution to suit the client need
Translate the solution into processes and procedures
Stabilize the procedures and processes into practice

This in-house tool provides a defined step-by-step approach to transitioning processes, thus ensuring that all offshoring aspects are considered:

Spans across the entire lifecycle of the project transition
Flexible and scalable across verticals and industries
Enables IndianIncorp to leverage better control in project delivery, cutting out any margin for error
Imbibed across the organization and has a distinct Six Sigma and TQM (Total Quality Management) flavor

bullet Risk Management – Identifying and mitigating the risks involved in outsourcing and in the offshore environment as well.

bullet Pilot - A key phase in the outsourcing life cycle in which we carefully monitor and track the primary dependencies that affect the performance for a given process in the offshore environment.

bullet Ramp Up - Consequent to the success of the pilot, infrastructure and resources are scaled up to meet specified client volumes.

bullet Business as Usual - The process is completely set up and operational leading to business as usual.

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INDIANINCORP culture is embedded in the deeply rooted beliefs, values and norms shared by its employees. We strive to be an organization that is adaptable and forward looking, yet built on a solid foundation of a few "precious core-values". It is what gives us clarity, focus and a shared sense of direction as we move forward.

At INDIANINCORP we value the unique contribution each employee brings to the work force. We consider our different perspectives as an important part of our ability to serve our customers with commitment. The people at INDIANINCORP are treated as valuable participants & shareholders in its growth. We are an inherently dynamic and fluid organization, made up of young people who need a culture, which constantly facilitates learning and fosters growth

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